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Jim Drife and Walter Nimmo formed Abracadabarets in 1974 to produce Louder and Funnier their first review in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

During the 1970s their shows included Funnissimo!  (the musical of the Guinness book of records), Feeling Funny, A slight show and Nocte with Music.

Since then they have appeared in Abracadabarets at the College (2003), The secret life of Robert Burns (2007), The great song contest (2011) The fabulous Chopin boys (2012) and Forty years of medical humour (2013). Almost all sold out.

They have worked with a variety of performers and musicians including Gerard Kenny the famous American songwriter of New York, New York, Viktor Bijelovic the celebrated concert pianist and most recently with Sophie Stoddart a rising star of jazz and musicals.

Abracadabarets have performed their award winning songs on radio and television as well as theatres and venues throughout the UK.

They have raised vast sums for charity